Author: Len Zapalowski


Strategic Exits Partners' proprietary research about the robotics industry, analyzing the last 5 years of transactions of 300 exits, and 5,000 investments into 300 global companies. The study finds that although America has traditionally lagged behind Asia in the design and production of robots, it is now positioned to catch up. This is due to America's rapid acquisition of intellectual property in mobile robotics. This new class of robots will ...

Tech Exits

This series of videos on Early Exits 2.0 summarizes our research on Early Exits. We analyzed 1500 exits over the last few years. It builds on the original work encapsulated in Basil Peter's book: Early Exits.  In this first video, I explore the early exit trends of technology companies and how to develop an early exit strategy. We conclude that there a four types of early exits and investigate which type of technologies are ...

Tech Exits

In this second video of the Early Exits 2.0 series, I reveal the global trends in Early Exits, and share in-depth analysis and what you can learn as you plan the future of your start up, or raise money for your scale-up. You will learn the types of exits that outperformed the market, and the conditions under which they are the optimal exit strategy.

Tech Exits

In the third video of the Early Exits 2.0 series, Len Zapalowski examines the reasons why early exits are prevalent in the technology sector. You will learn what is driving this trend, and why as a smaller tech company, full of innovation and "clean sheet ideas," you are attractive to larger companies looking to stay ahead of the competition, continue to grow, and avoid obsolescence.

Tech Exits

In the fourth video of the Early Exits 2.0 series, Len Zapalowski reveals the four drivers which determine whether your tech company has what it takes to exit early. Early Exits Drivers: IP (Intellectual Property), Core Competencies, 3rd Party Validation, and Market Traction (these are based on Early Exits research of 1,500 tech acquisitions).

Exits Strategy

Formed in 2015, Genesis Robotics creates motors and other mechanical innovations that will fundamentally improve how robots and machines are built and move.  Its innovations attracted worldwide interest from large robotics companies.  When it exited in 2018, the c...

IP vs. Revenue Companies

Strategic Exits received the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO)  of Canada  Exit of the Year award at the 2018 World Angel Investment Summit for the Genesis Robotics transaction. We believe this signifies a world-record high valuation for a pre-revenue hardware exit. It is a prototypical success as an early exit IP company. Our team guided the strategy for...