Introduction to Exits M&A Blog

BY David Rowat

Strategic Exits is the leading M&A advisor for entrepreneurs in the tech industry.  We design and execute optimum business exit strategies, putting more money into the pockets of founders and their angel investors.  We only provide M&A advisory services on the sell side to technology companies.

We focus on the tech industry because we were once founders and executives too.  We have experienced the successes and challenges of tech businesses, just as you have.

Our research shows that up to 75% of potential tech company exits fail to close.  Most often it is because the exit process was mis-managed.  With better exit strategies and processes, there will be more successful exits and more money earned by founders.

This is where Strategic Exits comes in.  We believe that we do a better job. We treat the exit as a business process.  It requires a strategy, preparation, and execution. The myth that “companies are bought, not sold” is simply not true.  While some exits are the result of an unsolicited offer from a buyer, they are few and often sub-optimal for the seller.  Selling a tech company is almost always more successful with a strategy, a structured process and the tenacity of a professional M&A advisor.

Strategic Exits partners have made dozens of presentations around the world on the key aspects of how to sell a tech company.  We have also developed thought leadership positions on the defining trends in the technology industry which affect mergers and acquisitions.  We have organized this material into an M&A blog.

Basil Peters developed the rationale for the early exitLen Zapalowski leads research in the characteristics of tech companies that make them good prospects for an early exitDavid Rowat has developed a theory about why virtual (fully-remote) tech companies sell for higher prices and why their founders create more wealth.

In the M&A blog there is a wealth of material that we have organized into thought streams.  The M&A blog streams include:

We would like to include more examples of successful exits in the M&A blog.  Unfortunately, most M&A transactions are covered by non-disclosure agreements which prevent us from talking about them.  However, we have learned a great deal about tech companies and their exciting pace of change, and the process of achieving the optimum exit transaction which we have included in general terms in the M&A blog.

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